Sunday, July 13

Nutrition: Consciously made myself load up on fats & protein today. Carbs were easy...aren't they always?

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 90% quality. Solid until 3a, in/out after that. Also napped 3-4p or so.

Healthy Movement: Still sore, but has mostly transitioned to tightness instead of outright pain. Upper body is still tight as well, so I took another rest day. See how wise I am getting! I did grind out 6 sets of 5 ring pull-ups (and they were a GRIND) throughout the day, and did many loaded carries as we dismantled the greenhouse & I hauled the boards to the wood pile. 

Fun & Play: Didn't leave home. Greenhouse dismantling. Fetch, many times. Sunshine on a cool day. Green grass under my bare feet. Emails with Tim U about ideas for next year's Relay and involving ROUS in an awesome way.

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