Saturday, July 5

Nutrition: For the first time in ages, I made banana "ice cream" for supper. Added chocolate whey protein and Sunbutter for a delicious cold calorie bomb on a hot day. So damned good.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1045p-6a, 77% quality. Quite solid, just not enough. But I got in nap 2 of 3 for the weekend, 12-2p.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling fairly good, but the run felt a little tougher than I would like. Logged almost an hour on lovely trails, and then another 15-ish minutes cruising through the flat campgrounds. And smelling bacon.  Napped and lazed at home. Felt no lasting soreness from the run, literally nothing in the rest of my day, so that's a huge plus. 

Fun & Play: Trails. I was very torn between going to watch the Shalom races, knowing one of my newbies and pretty much all the local roadies would be there and it would super be fun to cheer them on. However, I was smart enough to stay on my own path and go out into the woods where I belong. Nap time. Dad's bookwork easily knocked out. Visited the parents and sat outside when it was finally cooling off. Laziness with my pets as I got caught up on everyone's race adventures. I am friends with some serious badasses!!

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