Saturday, July 19

Nutrition: Today I was craving a Subway salad for some reason, but I avoided the oil/vinegar combo after attempting to Google whether it is actually olive oil, and being unable to figure it out. And later as I dug further on their website I discovered the motherfucking CHICKEN has soy. Goddamn all of it.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 66% quality. Oof, not that bad, though definitely not asleep until 10p, and then awake 2-3a (up for macaroon, water, bathroom). Napped about 2-4p, solidly.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling creaky and worried about the run. When I popped out of the car at the rest stop on the drive there, I was even more jacked up. Yikes! But somehow the 10m run was perfectly awesome; started out feeling a little fast/tough, but got easier every mile. Nice! In the eve, felt the return of the strain on my left hip/core, but rest of the body felt pretty great.

Fun & Play: Great run. Visited parents helped dad chuck wood up into the top of the pile, and it was easy peasy! Laziness. New blog posts. Fetch. Catching up on Jimmy with Clyde in my lap.

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