Saturday, July 12

Nutrition: Got up starving. I calculated yesterday's intake was only around 2000. Decided I need protein for my aching legs, carbs to replenish all my stores, and fats to soothe my hormones from freaking out in, obviously, Eat All The Things. Early on I struggled, as I was easily full, but then I got a pizza in me, noms!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 730a-345p, 89% quality. That's too generous. I slept soundly until 1130a, when I got up for the bathroom and a thermostat adjustment, and decided I should probably eat. I debated staying up and just getting an afternoon nap but got very sleepy as soon as I had food in my belly, so back to bed I went. Can't believe I slept that late, but it was in/out for that second half, definitely not solid. Pretty sleepy all afternoon/eve.

Healthy Movement: Bottoms of my feet hurt very much so, though oddly the tops are normal, visible toe tendons. Lower legs are tight but quads are still sore as hell, stairs hurt both directions, and upper body is a touch tight, though that's the good kind of hurt. Used The Stick and even light pressure hurt the quads, though on the lower legs it felt good. I basically did nothing. Sat at computer to do bills, sat on couch watching TV, just a brief time playing fetch was my only movement. Probably would've benefitted to walk a little, but I was very tired.

Fun & Play: Glad I got so much sleep. Good and lazy day, happy I was smart enough to make zero plans.

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