Monday, June 30

Nutrition: Supper shortcuts, but being stocked up with proper snacks works out pretty well: imagine that.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 80% quality. Up at 230a for bathroom, water, macaroon, still took ages to fall back, nearly an hour. Intense dreams from there onward. Got up feeling more rested than in a while, but still not ideal.

Healthy Movement: Still had stiff legs getting up. Three rest days isn't enough to get over that? Did class warm-up and actually felt like joining in on class thanks to all the rest, but did not, thanks to the Dustin in my head. Lunch run didn't sound appealing until I remembered the new discovery; trails a half-mile away! Felt harder than it should've but I'll chalk that up to 3 rest days plus 8 weeks of slow running plus trails last encountered a month ago plus a week's worth of shitty sleep. Considering all that, a win! Evening run with my community group as a grand finale & victory lap to celebrate their accomplishments. Super slow initially (12:00 pace) to keep my slowest runner going, and then on the way back Brett & Brian were going to come from behind to clean up any cabooses, so I picked it up and ran hard (8:00 pace), which felt pretty darn fantastic.

Fun & Play: I have heard from my W2Rs: I am running another 5k this fall; I want to get faster; I am perfectly happy with maintaining 30 minutes regularly; I've found a 10k this fall, and I've got a coworker who will train with me; let's all meet again on Wednesday night, 5:30 at Big Ole!

I swear to you, I’m so filled with warm fuzzies that my innards must look like a troll doll’s hair! I have changed worlds, and I made new friends -- RUNNING friends! I could not be more thrilled with how well this program went for them and for me. They gave me a thank you card & a Caribou GC (Brett's handiwork of course) that I want to flipping FRAME as a reminder of this amazing, incredible, bucket-filling, inspirational experience.

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