Friday, July 11

Nutrition: I most certainly did not eat enough. Did reasonably well keeping on top of intake through 9p or so, but as night fell, I got busy in a rhythm of walking, drinking coffee, playing games, and didn't eat until I was legit hungry at 3a. Thus when I got home and just wanted to shower & sleeeeep, I was gut-wrenchingly hungry. Ugh.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 73% quality. I have no damn idea why I went to bed so late. Dumb! I also woke at 245a, h/s/g, for bathroom, water, macaroon. Was tossing & turning through 330a. Logged an effort at a nap from about 3-4p. Bah. Didn't carry out my pre-Relay strategy at all!

Healthy Movement: Got up with quads still as sore as hell. Trained with Dustin at 7a, not my comfortable lifting time, and just 18 hours since my last session finished, oof. Didn't push too hard on the weights, and it went pretty damned well, considering. Stood all morning at NSS (should've sat, what was I thinking?) then my afternoon was lazy, and then Relay, where I never sat down except in the bathroom and when I moved my car & changed Vibrams. Otherwise I was on my feet the entire 12.5 hours I was there. Began walking consistently about 9p.

Fun & Play: Session with my Buddy. NSS all morning. Lunch with Holea at Trav's. Nap. Relay!

Our TS crowd was of course sadly thin, but having almost all of my NSS peeps there made it much more fun; I kept getting sidetracked talking with them. Emma was as excited as always, Gracie had fun, it was nice chatting with Marky, my own parents came for the first time ever (so the Schloegl family came back to see them), I made a hilarious new friend in Tim, I spent hours talking with my running peeps (5 showed up over the course of the night) including Sawtooth details with Brian, and CJ & I had tons of fun with games, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. I even felt good & energized at clean-up (except those quads) and would've gone to breakfast but again got sidetracked talking with my NSS peeps until I realized I began fading and just needed to go. home. to. bed.

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