Wednesday, June 4

Nutrition: No problemo a'tall.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 79% quality. Woke often 1-230a by the looks of my sleep graph, and I remember a lot of tossing & turning, though never awake enough to check the clock.

Healthy Movement: Got up with tight calves & Achilles, both legs. Also quads sore from sprints & squats both, I suspect. Did NOT do class, since I got up feeling so tired. Again stupidly humid in there, grateful I had decided to only instruct. Noon walk-to-run was a lovely time, beautiful sunshine. They hit double digits, and we made a full loop that we've never quite been ready for yet, and they said it's getting easier, they can tell the difference. Exciting! The evening walk-to-run outing was just BEYOND; see "Fun & Play" section!

Fun & Play: Class was fun, got great compliments afterward that they like how it's never quite the same each day...although they are always doing the same big rocks each day, the actual exercises themselves keeps changing (RDL vs good morning vs deadlift, etc), so it seems brand new each time. Although, sometimes I have brutal senseless programs, like bodyweight only, that really don't properly give 'em big rocks, just a vicious beatdown...which they also like!

Evening W2R was bucket-overflowing: tons of extras came for National Running Day, over 60 people, and the paper came for pics & an interview, and my people passed 15 straight minutes, and they said it's getting easier and they're enjoying it, and I got to hang with all the Timmermans afterward. Best. Day. In. Ages!!

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