Wednesday, June 25

Nutrition: More calories. All of them, in fact! 4 Larabars in one day again. Barf. Luckily, an eve trip to Elden's stocked me up with better options.

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 915p-4a, 76% quality. More like 50%. Took at least 45 minutes to fall asleep due to fervently hating myself for being so pathetically delicate, and was wide awake at 3a. Got up, put a whining time-confused Hank outside, hit bathroom, water, macaroon, and went back to bed. And could NOT even come close to falling asleep. At all. Tried and tried, and when I ended up back in the cycle of hating myself, I gave up and got up.

This is all cortisol going apeshit. Not enough sleep, not enough calories, crying jags, and getting super worked up over my life. However, with a 630am class, there were no options other than "Suck it up, buttercup."

Healthy Movement: Taught class outside on the patio, and the little bit of warm-up & demonstrating felt good. Feeling yesterday's squats a little lot bit. Ran 28 minutes at noon, at a slow 10:00 pace that felt much harder than it should have. Legs okay, but was panting harder than felt proper. Timmy joined and that was lovely, and it helped her too, thus  even more lovely! Gave blood right after lunch, yes, yes, I know I'm a genius with the physical overdoing it, but a superhero's gotta do what a superhero's gotta do. 

Evening run was slow but delightful. I tried running while nose-breathing, and that pace felt less awkward and more "go all day" lovely. Gawd, people, I am so proud of what we have done with this group. A quote that went onto my Vision Board several months ago:
"Don't change the world. Change worlds." (Francis of Assisi)
I think know we've done that here. We have turned a tiny 1% of Alexandria into new runners, but for those people, these 8 weeks could prove to be life-changing. As the program was for me when I first did it, 6 years ago.

I hit 500 miles with today's lunch run. I've never hit more than 800 in a year, and I'm on track to exceed 1000, thanks to training for the T&S and WD50k. And loving fall running. 6/25 last year, I was at 306.49. I guess that helps make up for being 25% behind on pull-ups.

Fun & Play: Class outside. LAE volunteer stuff. Running with Lisa. 500 miles. Saving lives. Happy new runners. My Buddy.

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