Wednesday, June 18

Nutrition: Another day where eating out sucked. Went to a pizza place that should've had decent salads. Well, not at lunch: strictly a tiny buffet with salad and pizzas. So my salad was romaine, cukes, & sunflower seeds. That's not enough damn calories for a SNACK. Luckily I was traveling with Larabars to make up for it. And then, I convinced the hubs to drive to a grocery store 15 minutes away to get me Arctic Zero! That made me much happier.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 94% quality. We are finally getting there. Also took an afternoon nap, 330-5p. 

Healthy Movement: All day laziness until after the nap I demanded to move. Hubs wasn't interested in moving from the couch (where he had napped). So I went out on a run to check out the minimum maintenance road that our host had told us to absolutely not take. I ran down it for some downhill training and because it felt awesome to FLY. Think I figured out what my natural gait is doing downhill to fuck up my IT bands. The run felt tough, heart and lungs and gut were a mess, but that's what unplanned outings do to me. Still glad I did it. Tired of the lethargy.

Fun & Play: Boat ride to see lovely nature. Fake ice cream! General laziness. Nap. Run. Famous again, picture in the paper from National Running Day, and even better, with the entire Timmerman family! Feeling more than ready to go HOME because my home is wonderful. And I miss my silly bothersome critters.

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