Wednesday, June 11

Nutrition: I wonder how much of my feeling shitty is being influenced by poor nutrition. Well, poor for me, anyway: I'm not eating crap, but I'm extremely low on veggies compared to my usual.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 78% quality. I know I checked the time at 2a, and I know I was dozing in/out 4a onward.

Healthy Movement: Tight lower legs out of bed, as usual felt normal quickly; but left shoulder is a touch angered, was starting to feel that last night already. Wore Vibrams on the noon walk-to-run and tried to go my pace more often than not. Mostly accomplished it. Same on evening outing; I slowed down some, but stopped or sprinted to stay in the middle; running to/from Big Ole at a faster clip felt so very freeing. More of that, please.

Fun & Play: Took class outside to the back patio, to get a bonus dose of nature. Ran into my Buddy for a nice little chat in the AM. Grand time at & after the all-team meeting as the whole company rallied around a Relay fundraiser to dye our COO's hair purple. Really, this was prompted by the COO herself, who must have known she would be out-donated. Love my job today, so very, very much. Quick but wondertastic outing to the wine bar to hang with my Buddy and her main peeps, and didn't want to leave. Had I known they were still there after my run, I would have gone right back, sweaty-drowned-rat look be damned!

Stress Management: Did NOT want to be at work today. Or anywhere else. Maybe, perhaps, I would consider my hammock. Beginning to feel outright exhausted. The Relay-fundraising madness turned me around, but I still finished my day feeling "tired of life," as I announced to the hubs when I walked in the door. Good thing I have a vacation coming very, very soon.

Temperance: I've been thinking more of this "sudden" falling apart, and I think it's just a cumulative thing.
  • This is the 6th week of the walk-to-run programs, and while my mileage is quite reasonable (even for me), the frequency of the runs is not, thus the recovery isn't where it should be. Plus, running at a slow pace is irritating my IT bands, usually that day and into the next, though luckily gone by the next slow run. So far.
  • Nutrition began going downhill over the weekend; again, nothing drastic, but a noticeable lack of veggies, and an over-reliance on Larabars & jerky. This state has continued without my usual weekend food prep. Also, somewhat-lower calories in the last couple of days, nothing truly low, 2000-ish, but a drop from my usual 2300-ish. Bumped that up today. Salty crackers + Sunbutter will do the trick!
  • Stress management. This started at the end of last week with job angst, was added to with the physical stress of low sleep over the weekend, and now it is feeling as though cancer is popping up left and right in my life, and it's beating me down pretty definitively.
  • Socialization. While I'm still getting regular dose of my people, workouts with Timmy & Joy & Holea, some hubs time, the weekend visits, etc, I haven't had a long lazy Trav's breakfast in ages, or a fun long trail run with any of the TROUSers (hey, a new term for the trail-heavy ROUSers that I just coined!) and I can't really fit it any of that in until W2R is finished. I was super stoked for a hill workout with ROUSers tomorrow night, was feeling as excited as someone with a happy hour to hit up, but now I will be going to Bob's wake instead. Obviously that's more important, I'm certainly not upset to be doing that, but I'm sad to miss out on that dose of fun with my runner peeps.

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