Tuesday, June 17

Nutrition: My life will feel so much easier when the rest of the world catches onto this Paleo "trend." Especially my husband. Tough to watch him eating a small-town diner's BBQ bacon cheeseburger with perfectly-crunched fries, followed by homemade peach pie with ice cream. I mean, my salad was tasty, but...it will never compare. Today I hypothesized that perhaps if I stopped with all the physical stress, my body could return to coping with those foods; would I rather be weak and lazy and able to eat whatever passes for food these days? Of course not. Never. I'll take my badassery and the food that it requires, absolutely. I choose this. I just wish it were a little easier, ya dig?

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 89% quality. Fairly solid until 3a, then in/out a lot. Got up feeling almost normal, but the too-soft bedding is leaving the body crunched and cranky. Never got sleepy nappy today, so that's something.

Healthy Movement: Perhaps the reason I never got sleepy today is that I didn't do a damned thing. We drove a couple hours to the cave area, hit two caves, very cool. So that was two miles walked, I guess. Then drove a couple hours back to the goat farm, then "home." Much ground covered, all of it sitting in the car. I did at least contemplate running or TRX-ing in the morning, so there's progress being made.

Fun & Play: Caves were really neat, but the pictures of course look terrible. One must need fancy cameras to get even semi-decent pictures. After the second cave, we played a round of mini-golf, and ended up with the exact same score. Fun! And of course, the goat farm was deeeelightful. The people didn't even look at us too weirdly for not having children with us! 

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