Thursday, June 26

Nutrition: So glad I had groceries to stock my long day, as I only had one Larabar today, not four! Yaaay real food!!!!
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 72% quality. Woke when Hop came home at 11p and took a while to fall back, woke often 3a onward. Basically felt awake since 4a. All the critters were restless or noisy jerks. I guess having the windows open, while great sleeping temps & good for the utility bill, is not a good plan for keeping in-house pets sound asleep. I also haven't been using my ear plugs for the past week or so, as they have been hurting my ear canals. I must need smaller plugs. I don't know.
Healthy Movement: Very tight legs getting out of bed; not surprising, given each run this week was in Vibrams. Legs sore from squats. All parts stiff when moving after sitting. Solution: no sitting! Session went well other than pulls feeling too hard - given my mental & physical fatigue, very impressive. 
Fun & Play: Long, slow breakfast. Another $620 raised for Relay in one day, including three friends who donated a second time: I know the most amazing people. LAE work (which also falls under "stressful" if I'm being honest). 

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