Sunday, June 8

Nutrition: Lots of shortcuts today, three Larabars and two bags of jerky went down the hatch. Spicy jerky is my new hot tip for staying alert while driving!

Sleep: Why don't I just let a picture say a thousand words here?

But somehow the fun of the day carried me through.

Healthy Movement: Got a slightly late start, but I found Brian at 6:30am, 108.5 miles down. And he looked fine. Fucking unbelievably normal. He was hurting, though, so we were nice and slow to finish it out. Luckily they had started a half hour late due to downpours, so I got nearly a full two hours of fun. I ran, walked, jogged a total of 8.5 miles with Brian. I almost cried at the end. So many amazing people in addition to my talented pal; it was overwhelming to think about what they had done. Never mind the physical strength, the mental strength is unfathomable. Infinitely inspirational.

Fun & Play: Brian's race, obviously, and staying around for all the awards. After that, I visited cousin Diane, Shawn and Sura, the cutest little peanut ever. Fun to catch up and just chill for a nice long time without tons of other family or butchered critters interrupting us. Drive home even went quick compared to usual, upper body didn't freak out on me for once. At home I changed into my bikini to chill more in the D-laden sunshine and work on my runner's tan, while catching up on all my peeps. Lovely.

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