Sunday, June 15

Nutrition: Enjoyed second breakfast at Perkins, mainly because I needed caffeine lest I fall asleep at the table. Should have gotten a salad, as I'm pretty sure the breakfast potatoes were coated in soy oil. (Naturally, since my face is just clearing up, all the way to the point I'm going makeup-less on vacation. Figures.)

Today in Winona I found another co-op (yay college towns!) full of tasty Sabrina things, such as kombucha (blueberry and mojito flavors!), one-ingredient crunchy almond butter, and a wee baby 6oz can of coconut milk, perfectly sized to carry me through vacation coffee. Score!

Just last night at Piggy's, I told Hop I wanted a mojito!
Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 11p-615a, 84% quality. Woke at 4a even without Hank, but I fell back. Decent, but nowhere near adequate; hence, ready to nap at lunch. We seriously discussed parking with the windows open to nap, but didn't know where to avoid both people and gnats...where one is, the other is not.

Healthy Movement: Achey from the too-soft bed and too-soft pillow. We went on a three-hour hike (6.53 miles) at Great Bluffs State Park, which was gorgeous. But packed with gnats. But gorgeous! Was silly enough to knock out a tree pose on King's Bluff, and found a great branch for a couple pull-ups, but neglected to get a picture. (Next time!) Tired and cranky and hungry by the end; skipped one of the six overlooks to get some grub. Drove to Winona for lunch & a Target visit (more/better bug spray), then took a drive up to the bluffs overlooking the city. Again, the views are amazing. From there we drove the scenic route back "home" on the Wisconsin side. We got out briefly at a wildlife refuge, otherwise sat in the car for about two hours. We should have brought our bikes, as the WI bike trail looks like a nice, flat, pretty adventure. Back at the cabin: reading, lounging, supper, lazying. Hop perused all the touristy stuff to plot out our next days here, which I was more than happy to let him do. Thinky brain wants off.

Fun & Play: Vacationing. Gorgeous views. No plans. No obligations. No worries.

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