Sunday, June 1

Nutrition: A while back I discovered Paleo wraps at Elden's. Finally used them today to make BLTs. They taste fine, work well, but are too small: half a small tomato, 1.5 romaine leaves, and 2 strips of bacon - and it barely fit! However, they didn't tear, good strength. But I'd rather just use toast.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p-6a, 84% quality. Woke a couple times due to dogs, but each time Hop got up to deal with them. Apparently there was a black cat on our back deck at one point - possibly the same one that I saw run out of our garage on Friday night?

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good. Not even any extra calf/Achilles soreness from yesterday's runs in Vibrams, wow! Did a bunch of lifting; however, none of it felt as good as it should have. Canceled deadlifts, told myself tire flips were basically the same, and only made 3 of 5 planned rounds of the finisher. Just ran out of steam. Also, 100% humidity going on really took away a lot of the fun. My first set of flips & carries was dry, second in a light sprinkle, third in legit rain. Actually felt good and cool, but a slippery tire is tough to grip, and a muddy driveway made the carries even more challenging than I needed. Made sure to hit a total of 40 pulls, want to get back to a regular minimum of 100 per week; tired of seeing them stalled out and/or back-sliding. While I'd prefer to feel like Hulk doing this, I think that I moderated it just where I should have.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Pot of coffee in peaceful quiet. Paying bills. Workout. Lazying. All the lilies planted. Cool dry evening in which to read and play fetch. 

Nature: Should have spent even more time outside but I got in a few hours. Love lazy weekends!

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