Saturday, June 7

Nutrition: Yay: second breakfast. Boo: no coffee at second breakfast, because I was soon to be napping.

Sleep: 6.25 hours in bed, 1045p-5a, 73% quality. In late due to bonfire, up early 'cause my body's now programmed (dozing in/out 415a onward), but also because at 453a, Hanky decided there was something to bark at in the backyard. Those would be chairs, Hank. Chairs. Got in a nap after my shower, 2 hours of only okay napping.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good, upper back still a bit tight. Walk-to-run felt excellent, ran the first mile-ish with Brett out in front, enjoying some speed. My people are truly turning into runners, and it makes me so very happy. Came home to do some powerlifting, which went decent, given 6 hours of sleep. Disappointed at how my bench technique seems to be backsliding, despite skipping class all week; convinced me to skip it again Monday for sure, since it's 1+ week. Didn't do the fun stuff at the end, didn't feel up to both tires & deadlifts, so I chose deadlifts. Good choice!

Fun & Play: Walk to run. Powerlifting. Nap time! Holea's party with Joy (thus a quick visit with the Rodas clan) and all the NSS peeps plus the wee childrens and pups too!  Fun with bean bag toss and horse races. Lots of updates on Brian throughout the day, was pumped to get down there on Sunday.

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