Saturday, June 28

Nutrition: Again fine, again impressive given the day's chaos. Thoroughly enjoyed second-breakfast at Trav's with Holea.

Sleep: 5.75 hours in bed, 10p-345a, 64% quality. Nope, even worse: basically awake at 3a, mind racing non-stop. Did get a nap in around 130-330p.

Healthy Movement: Morning at race meant a lot of running around and carrying and chaos. After that, laziness. Napping, fetch, standing to watch burnouts, that's about it. Felt like being outside but didn't feel like doing anything.

Oh wait, I did decide to figure out how I could do TGUs in the yard. It works! I only did a few, though, and called it good 'nuff.

I can't upload the whole video, but this about sums it up.

Fun & Play: Race day. Wonderful volunteers that made my heart swell. Races went off with no major catastrophes. Trav's breakfast with Holea. Nap time. Fetch. TGU experiment. A burnout party in front of Jack's cemetery, which was pure redneck hilarity. Sidewalks visit with some old friends, briefly.

Stress Management: Race day chaos. Lack of sleep. Lot of coffee. Little bit of hating myself over not being invited to a certain someone's birthday party, feeling unloved and left out.

In the eve, I had to decide between hanging out with old friends in memory of Jack on his birthday (which meant staying up really late and being really shot tomorrow), or going home and seeing none of them (which meant getting decent sleep to work at that now-immense deficit). I wanted so desperately to do BOTH.

When Hop suggested I go to the party tonight but sleep tomorrow, skipping the birthday party for his family at noon, I said, "But I'd rather go to THAT party!" which gave me my answer. I realized I'd truly rather go see the Hoppe family, play with the little ones, bring my happy dogs to see their "cousins," than to hang out in the woods watching everyone else drink and feel how much I have changed and how little this pack of friends & I still have in common. I wish I could do both, but I know I could not. So Hop brought me home, where I knew I was doing the right thing, but continued to feel sorry for myself.

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