Saturday, June 14

Nutrition: I was doing fine, again appreciating those Subway salads (avocado!) on a travel day, but I ended up with a ton of calories after our eve plans changed: weather canceled our two hour boat ride, and instead we went to Piggy's. I was not actually hungry due to my pre-ride snacks, but I wasn't going to turn down award-winning ribs at a place that prides itself on adapting to food allergies. My belly hurt, felt like I had the big ol' potbelly of an 8-week-old lab puppy, but they were so worth it, especially since I brought half a rack "home" to enjoy another day. A day when I'm truly hungry to start, perhaps.

From there we hit up two grocery stores: a fancy little co-op for me, Festival for Hop, and I scored huge. I've got breakfast covered, a new-to-me Daiya pizza, and hot dogs. (Although no fire pit for roasting them, boo, hiss.) I also nabbed some rare Larabar flavors and cheap Zevia. I was highly disappointed at the lack of kombucha, but I should've asked, surely they had it. Luckily, I scored some at Festival, woo hoo! Also more cheap Zevia. Then we got a coupon for Zevia at checkout. Is it my birthday?!

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 930p-415a, 77% quality. Yes I went to bed too late, but also yes Hank woke me too early again. Jerk. (Someone at the walk to run mentioned the full moon. That sounds lovely, because that means it's done soon. Hoping this is not a lasting trend.) Tried to nap at the cabin but couldn't fall asleep. Dozed for about an hour before giving up.

Healthy Movement: No aches or pains, just tired, goddamn tired. Was dreading the walk to run outing, first time in these six weeks I wasn't pumped to do it. I just wanted to go back to bed. But of course, it boosted me hugely. A nice small group (crap weather) with close paces, and I had managed another new route that clumped us back together at the perfect time. I was even able to manipulate the stoplight buttons so no one was stuck waiting at the lights, even though they may have wanted it!

Long drive to cabin, 4.5 hours with our lunch stop, but it felt decent. Stiff getting out, but no awful upper back tightness like I often get. Upper back is feeling the "deload" session yesterday though.

Fun & Play: Walk to run. Delivering super excited pooches to the MIL's. Hard to leave my Hanky though, when he wanted to follow right behind us to the car. (Beginning to understand how parents can be so exhausted by their kids and yet struggle so mightily to leave them.) 

Nice drive to the cabin, scenic route truly was scenic after the Cities, along the river. Gorgeous hills and bluffs and GREEN. The kind where you look at it and try to picture it covered in winter white, and can't. Cabin is not quite what we wanted, no fire pit (big boooo!), and it's right across the driveway from the main house (where my privacy at?), but the inside is nice. And it's on top of a big ol' ridge, so when you venture a half-mile down the road, you get the most gorgeous views EVER. Another morning when I'm more energized, I may take a solo stroll to enjoy. 

After napping we went to board our sunset river cruise, enjoyed some nice river-viewing and weather-watching in the park since we were early, then enjoyed a nice dose of "This is the wrong boat, you want the one at the other end of the park," then five seconds after boarding the right boat we enjoyed the captain telling everyone he was canceling it due to the weather. GAH. The one thing I had reserved and booked and made solid plans for, day one: already falling apart! Couldn't be upset though, as the weather did look like absolute shit. (However, the bad stuff stayed just a tick north of us and we probably would've been fine.) Instead we ate at Piggy's, and I'm pretty sure we'll be going back before we leave. Super delicious, and a super waiter who was incredibly helpful with my food limitations. Got back to the cabin just before complete dark to realize there's a bit of a view from the exact right spot in the yard, and also: fireflies!

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