Monday, June 22

Nutrition: Too many Larabars, need more fats in my day so it's easier to get enough calories.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 73% quality. In nice & early, but it took me a while to fall asleep, I woke at midnight, again at 2a (up for bathroom, water, macaroon), and in/out 4a onward. Overheating, h/s/g, despite having the A/C on, and a ceiling fan going. Gross. Not the best way to start an overbooked week.

Healthy Movement: Had zero interest in doing class, especially after feeling how stupid-humid it was in the Well. Awful down there. Noon walk-to-run was only one peep, but it was a great run, felt lovely to go nice & easy, not awkward. And 75F now feels pleasant! My hips were aching by 2pm. 10 days off standing, and I'm that weak? Blargh. Evening outing was good; we hit the race course itself and added another 2 minutes to boost their confidence. So excited to see them finish this thing!

Fun & Play: Class. Sunshine. New runners. LAE planning meeting that made me realize: yes, it will be a lot of work this week, but it will be just fine. Perhaps even totally awesome!

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