Monday, June 2

Nutrition: After finally listening to my beloved Stefani Ruper on the Balanced Bites podcast yesterday (thanks, Joy!), I am feeling smarter and in a better mental place. I may have figured out the question I need to ask myself to get over the calorie-counting: Will [this food] keep me healthy?

Acne: Reacting. Possible culprits: pint of AZ 3 days in a row; Sweet & Hot jerky 3 days in a row; something in the Daiya pizza or simply the quantity (1 whole pizza); the pepperoni I added to that pizza, which had dextrose (derived from corn) (but less than 2%); I had a can of Zevia the other day; I had a few "cream cheese" "bagels" last week; is 4 Larabars in one day too much? ...BLARGH. See why this is so challenging? I have so little wiggle room for off-real-food adventuring. And sometimes, that question of "will this food keep me healthy" is a resounding YES to even fake-ass pizza, because it will soothe my very BRAIN to stop the perception of constant restriction.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 81% quality. In/out 4a onward, thanks to cats that came in to scratch the bed every 10 minutes, because they wanted outside. Those glorious rainforest-sounding birds are much less wondertastic when they are waking up my kittehs long before I need to get up.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling okay, but I skipped class. Just had that overall MEH feeling both physically & mentally. When the Well turned out to be humid as a GD sauna, I was happy to be only instructing. Sheesh. Noon walk-to-run felt excellent; Timmy joined in and so we got to catch up. I miss running with her so fucking much. Met up with Holea for sprints, which felt fantastic and fun. DQ even jumped in on our last 5 or so! Eve walk-to-run outing was super slow, I brought up the back of the pack since Brett was recovering from his altitude-sickness-marathon. Felt fine and was fun.

Fun & Play: Class. Working on LAE volunteer positions, even though the eve meeting was canceled. Being picked to help with the Focus Team huddle. Running outings. Relay meeting where we picked campsites near the bonfire. (Bonfire, eee!)

Stress: A couple work issues with potential to be really stressful, but coping.

Temperance: I recently realized that I don't miss high heels anymore. That's REALLY surprising for this chica, who for the past 4.5 years has been a total "Dustin made me quit wearing heels" whiny child about them. But lately, when I see someone walking in high heels, I usually think they look completely stupid. The strut required by high heels, tiny mincing little tip-toe steps, is absolutely ridiculous. And yes there are some women who stroll just fine in them, but so many are barely teetering along, and for what purpose?

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