Monday, June 16

Nutrition: After going past downtown LaCrosse's pizza district (my phrase) several times today, I had pizza for supper. Daiya mushroom and roasted garlic, and delish. Still don't understand why the label says it's three servings, when it's obviously only one.

Sleep: 9.5 (!!) hours in bed, 930p-7a, 93% quality. Woke a few times, dozed 6a onward, but I'm finally making progress on my sleep deficit. Tried to nap in the park, but I couldn't get comfortable enough to fully zone out.

Healthy Movement: Again stiff and sore from the stupid bed. Lower body feels great. Hiking felt fine but once again I got sleepy, fatigued, cranky. Blargh. We didn't get as far today, three shorter hikes only. Then lots of lazying, even being bored. Sort of wishing we were only here 4 nights, just not finding enough to do. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Abundant sunshine. Park "napping." Found a fancy oil & vinegar shop with tons of flavored myself to only one of each: blueberry balsamic vinegar, and bacon-flavored olive oil. It really does have the smoky flavor of bacon! Bought some gifts for the parents at a fancy candy shop. 

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