Friday, June 27

Nutrition: Pretty much right where I needed to be, which is impressive as hell, given my schedule for the day.

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 930p-4a, 72% quality. Sound, but wide awake at 4a. Mostly thinking about race stuff. 

Healthy Movement: Stiff lower legs getting out of bed. Sat all morning at NSS, then standing all afternoon at LAE events, including tent set-up and tent destruction and a lot of carrying and running around, sometimes literally.

Fun & Play: NSS all morning. LAE events. A dozen of my walk-to-runners did the 5k. One who did not is injured, but she told me that she's picked a new 5k in a couple months that's she's determined to complete. MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I really and truly did change worlds with the walk-to-run idea. So very proud of them all!!

Stress Management: Not good. Not enough sleep kept me low about the earlier stress of the week; relied on caffeine to keep me going all day; the event itself was stressful; plus weather gave a heart-attack level of chaos at 4pm, right as things were coming together for runners to show up. But, mostly happy stress, and I think I managed to stay happy & up for others. Missed Carly's party, though, as I had to get home and prep for the next day, plus get up stupid-early. Felt badly for ditching.

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