Friday, June 20

Nutrition: Breakfast with my Buddy, pizza for supper, a great day!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 68% quality. Why was I missing these pets, again?

Healthy Movement: Slightly tight Achilles/calves from the track work last night. Had a sweet-ass Dustin session, followed by TS walk-to-run. Yes, even on a PTO day. Got to bench on deadlift day! Dustin wanted to prove a point: being fresh matters. (Like I didn't know that? I just don't like it!) And if a massive bench is a priority, then I need to adjust my life to that. Meaning: no class, focused recovery, lotsa sleep. Humph. I can get behind most of it, but no class? Argh.

Fun & Play: Working NSS. Breakfast and LOTS of chatting with my Buddy. 120 bench nailed, more smooth & easy than past times. TV laziness.

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