Friday, June 13

Nutrition: I was so hungry this afternoon. A diet of Larabars is not fulfilling.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 9p-4a, 64% quality. Again: fucking dogs.

Healthy Movement: Had a very solid session. Got to deload and Dustin threw all kinds of fun stuff at me, including snatches, and 12 sets of 5 pullups! Left shoulder got a little angry again, the rotten bitch. Trying to decide whether I should bring any toys along on vacation; on our SHT trip, I did TRX and burpee fun each morning after coffee and before Hop woke. I'm not sure we'll be doing as much hiking this time, so I might have more energy for some kind of workout. I know that a true week off would benefit my body, but what about my brain?

Today is my pull-up anniversary: I did my first ever in 2010. And then did 60 today, holy perfect celebration! 

Fun & Play: NSS time. Session. Holea chat. Laziness at home.

Stress Management: Not a lot of fun today...woke up too early, felt like a half-zombie at NSS, and then Bob's funeral. That was rather brutal. Exhausting. Postponed Dad's bookkeeping to next week because it wasn't vital to finish today. Back to NSS, another long day there. Got home completely shot. Decided we didn't need to leave very early tomorrow, go ahead and be lazy for the eve.

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