Wednesday, May 7

Nutrition: Eating up those protein cookies, appreciating their portability more today. REALLY hungry today at noon, unexpectedly so, since I'd eaten an extra-large breakfast & proper snacks. Or so I thought.
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 830p-445a, 80% quality. Re-read that: I was in bed at freaking 8:30pm, when it was still light out! But I knew I'd be up early, so it was smart. Clyde woke me at 1a like a jerk, and Hank came in to stomp around at 4a, but I managed to keep dozing. Got up feeling rested, but also totally looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...I hope.
Healthy Movement: Still got up with both Achilles slightly tight, but that was it. Feeling surprisingly good; getting that resiliency back after the introduction of All The Things last week. Fun, challenging class. Had a fabulous turnout for the noon walk-to-run group: everyone came back, plus one who missed Monday, plus one who was convinced to just jump on in. Yeah!! Ran a little closer to my own pace this time, feeling my IT bands disliking slowness. Saw 8:30 regularly and it still felt like I was going molasses-slow. Neat-o! The evening group dropped a little in numbers but we did see some new people, and it was super duper fun! Again I disliked running as slowly as I did, starting to worry about the ITs for real. I may have to run in shorter spurts and walk while they are still running, in order to keep the right pace. Afterward, I had invited Holea to sprint but she was in need of de-stressing so we walked with Mitzi - very much a delight, and she felt loads better afterward, so that made me happy, too.
Fun & Play: All-girls class! LOTS of glistening, quite fun. Fabulous turnout for the noon outing. Fantastically fulfilling evening outing, and of course I loved the walk & talk with Holea & Mitz. Sweet pooches at home.

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