Wednesday, May 21

Nutrition: The ZOMG BREAD is now gone. Thank goodness, because I have no moderation around it. I ate 6 pieces of it yesterday!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 88% quality. Felt pretty solid, woke naturally about 4a & dozed there onward.

Healthy Movement: Tight spot in middle of upper back thanks to yesterday's high-bar squats that somehow freaked the shit outta my body, all else is good. Lunch walk-to-run felt awesome. Evening was even better, as we had some lovely sunshine, plus my supahstah Shawn showed up and I got to run a little faster.

Fun & Play: Relay for Life breakfast. (Especially impactful today, as 4 of my nieces & nephews lost their other grandpa last night; both taken within 8 months. Fucking cancer, fuck you straight to fucking HELL.) Great lunch run with Tasha, during which we were clued into fox dens and told to watch for pups (Joy: on the trail directly behind the Y, north side of the bank has sand piles which are the den entrances; we saw three, but no foxes). Fun all-team meeting, at which I put my lack of coordination fully on display, right up on stage, by doing a[n easy] line dance. Anything for charity, yo. Bonus Shawn time at the evening run, which had 20 runners! Fetch with my pups.

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