Tuesday, May 6

Nutrition: Protein cookies were made over the weekend. Tasty, but not really cookie-like. Not worth the effort. Handy, portable calories though.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 72% quality. Woke a couple times but always fell back quickly because I was VERY tired and went to bed so late (due to RFL meeting + single-parenting). Hubs came home at some point, first time since Saturday. That's 4 straight nights of less than 8 hours for me, not a good trend. Luckily, not drastically under, but more importantly, no commitments tonight to prevent me from turning in early.

Healthy Movement: Had tight Achilles this morning, surely from running with an unnatural gait, at the slower speed. Made me wonder how all of my noobs are feeling! Also made me wonder if I could get away with Vibrams for the noon group, then back to Merrells in the eve. Won't test it yet. (Probably won't test it at all, if I run it past Dustin first.) Delightful session, first half with Timmy! Miss my running time with her so much. Today I was worried that she might be comparing to me and feeling badly. Hopefully she's smarter than me and doesn't engage in such foolishness, but understands perspective and life situations and allathat. Left shoulder was a little angry after session, but not nearly as angry as I was at it, the stupid little jerk. It's making me wonder if a muscle-up is really worth pursuing.

Fun & Play: Seeing the hubs. Team fun. 

Interesting disappointment today: I learned one of my team members was asked to discuss some financial terms at another team's meeting, provide a little education for them. I was incredibly disappointed to learn this, because I would have LOOOOVED to do it. And it wasn't explained, but I'm positive that I was not considered because I am in leadership, and we are very much in favor of having team members share this kind of thing. It made me wish I could have all the responsibilities of a lead, without the title - unlike, perhaps, every other person in the world, ever. I detest the perception of leads as "different" and "other" so very, very much. It hurts my little heart to be even remotely thought of as "above" the team, when arrogance is, to me, the very worst character trait anyone can possess.

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