Tuesday, May 27

Nutrition: Hangry at 10a. Still struggling with whether or not I like all-day snacking or larger meals. Even with larger meals, I need 4, not 3, thanks to how damned early I get up & when my workout is.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 89% quality. Felt pretty solid.

Healthy Movement: Body is in great shape. It felt a little fatigued at the session today, but I also think that's a 5-week for ya. Had a great time at the evening walk-to-run; tonight I slowed my pace more by walking extra, or waiting for the whole group to get across the road, rather than completely by running slower. I still slowed down, sure, but that helped mitigate a pokey pace. 'Twas hot, but I thankfully managed fine.

Fun & Play: Able to sleep in and take an extra slow morning, since I couldn't bring Lexi to the vet until 730am. Session with my buddy! Checking out a spreadsheet Mike wants me to revamp (fun!) along with a productive TS workday. Lexi came out of the vet just fine, though with a big bill, but I got to hold a teensy 5-week old adorable baby bulldog, so very precious and sweet! Evening group outing.

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