Tuesday, May 20

Nutrition: Took an hour to eat breakfast and read. LOVE doing that.

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 9p-6a, 100% quality. Um, no, not that good. Didn't fall asleep until almost 10p, and woke a few times. Was nice to sleep in, though, especially since I can't do that again until Friday.

Healthy Movement: Slightly achey glutes, all else is feeling great. Could feel fatigue in session warm-up already, so probably good to be having deload week. Still went and enjoyed sprints with Holea, first time this year, yay! She was aiming to go at 60%, yet we were the same speed. Oof. 

Fun & Play: Meet results posted, chatted about them with Mary. Great session with both Lisa AND Joy jumping in. Fun!! Productive meetings, one of them in the glorious sunshine. Sprints and chatting with Holea. 

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