Tuesday, May 13

Nutrition: My Buddy brought me delicious amazing treats from her outing yesterday: plantain chips, fresh papaya, and guava bootch. SHE IS THE BESTEST.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 9p-4a, 73% quality. Lexi needed out promptly at 4a, what the hell, jerkface? I took a long slow leisurely breakfast to make up for it. And then I played with my financial spreadsheets for 45 minutes. Happy girl.

Healthy Movement: Sore glutes, oof. Ankle has improved; probably not enough to justify wearing even 1" boots, but...fashion calls yo. (Yes, I know I'm dumb.) Fun session with a couple of my besties. Left shoulder better post-session than last week.

Fun & Play: Busy day. Session. LAPW fundraiser that raised $4000. Hubs and pet time.

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