Thursday, May 8

Nutrition: Supper shortcut of pork jerky: is there anything more delicious??

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 80% quality. Woke when hubs came home at 1a & Lexi spazzed the fuck out in excitement; was able to fall back before he even got out of the shower, thankfully. However, Hank desperately needed OUT at 430a, and it seriously took me ten full minutes to wake up enough to get up. Shoot. Me.

Healthy Movement: Delightful session; nothing particularly special, just plain ol' fun. Almost squeezed in a run or sprints before yoga, but the rain turned me into a fair-weather runner. Yoga was very easy, did reveal some mild low-back tightness. Left shoulder was a little angrier in the day than before session, but perhaps a little better than it was after Tuesday's session. Good!

Fun & Play: Great morning, set up a FB group for walk-to-runners. It swelled my little heart. Good work meetings. Session. Afternoon spent setting up for RFL garage sale. Yoga and chatting with Holea. A hubs at home, holy what?!

Temperance: I unpacked and hung up all my too-small clothing at the garage sale, and did pretty well not obsessing. Yes, it is sad to fully admit they will never fit again, but it is not sad to admit it wouldn't be worth the sacrifices for them to fit again - especially when some of them are too small in the shoulders - I sure as shit ain't gonna lose muscle to fit in some shirt! Mostly my sadness was around how damn cute everything was, and that my replacements aren't nearly as adorable, since I'm a lead who can't pull off the "sexy secretary" look anymore. BAH.

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