Thursday, May 29

Nutrition: Hangry again. Today I ate all the fats. ALL OF THEM. I rediscovered the coconut butter in my desk drawer, oh NOM. I also received two Sunbutter brownies from my sweet, generous Buddy! And more quail eggs from my new farmer pal.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 83% quality. Woke at 1045p to a bone-chewing Hank; took it from him and hid in the bathroom, and was shocked that it wasn't 2am or something. Felt like I woke many times but always fell back quickly. Tossing & turning about 415a onward. GAH. Took a long, slow breakfast, including coffee on the deck to listen to my boisterous bird friends.

Healthy Movement: Body is still aching, but a slight improvement from yesterday. I forced myself to swap my second work coffee out for earlier water. Probably should have used my extra morning time to hit the foam roller, too. Session still went great; things felt good and I felt nice & strong even though I didn't necessarily progress much.

At home in eve I planted some lilies, in the direct sun, with sweat running UP my face. I realized that once upon a time, sweating like that would have convinced me it was too hot to be doing that, I was too weak, sweating sucks, etc, and I would have shut down. Meanwhile, tonight I was like, oh, it's that hot? Can't tell. Another minor daily-life victory of fitness.

Interesting (but TMI! beware!) situation: I've had an IUD since 2006, and haven't had a period at all since I got it. Until, in the past 6-ish months, I kinda sorta started developing a regular cycle. Not too regular, very light, but definitely there. Wonder why that is. Wish it was nothing at all, because periods be goddamn obnoxious, but perhaps it's a sign of good health to be having it.

Fun & Play: Fun at work today, and surprisingly productive at home in the afternoon. Brought home the exact right project, I guess. Catching up a bit with Timmy. Session with my buddy, though not enough chatting. Two dogs to the vet. Working outside. Planting flowers.

Nature: Worked from home after Lexi's return to the vet, and took the laptop out to the deck. GLORIOUS. Got dirty planting some nice hardy lilies from mom's garden.

Temperance: For my last three runs, I've worn shorts - first time since last summer. And unlike the wee skinnies with a thigh gap, turns out I have thigh SLAP, by which I mean I can literally hear my thighs slapping together because my short shorts are riding up and of course my legs are just that big. Somehow, it's not bothering me as much as I would have expected. I mean, yes, I observed it, but I didn't immediately think "I'm fat and need to do something about this." In fact I actually wondered if leaning out some would even make a difference, or if there's just going to be that much slap because of the muscle size, which of course ain't reducing, cuz I ain't gonna lift any less. (MOAR, if I can get away with it!) Happy to just observe without emotion. Healthy.

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