Thursday, May 22

Nutrition: Since I usually only bitch & moan about my acne here, I thought I'd post happily that right now I have two small blemishes, and that is IT. How nice! Problem: I don't feel I'm eating any differently than I did two weeks ago when my face freaked out. Gah.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 79% quality. Woke at 10p feeling like it would be 1a (probably when the hubs came to bed?); woke at 1a and was very close to h/s/g but managed to fall back relatively quickly. Woke often 4a onward.

Healthy Movement: Didn't do class today (due to Dustin), but did join in on both the warm-up, and the carries at the end. Tight left low back, but not painful like it gets when I'm stressed; just a little tight for some reason, something to keep tabs on. Most noticeable when I'm sitting, nothing there when I'm standing. Session was good. Joined Holea for a delightful but too-short Mitzi walk after work.

Fun & Play: Productive meetings. Silliness at session with my Buddy, though I missed saying goodbye because I was deadlifting, and there isn't nearly enough time to chat! Happily, ran into her again in the afternoon. Holea time. Time outside with the critters & hubs. Word from BK on working an aid station at an SHT race at the end of July, & clearance from the hubs that he was otherwise occupied that weekend, thus I was clear to join in - that's gonna be a ton o' fun. SUNSHINE & freshly-cut grass, and dozens of bright yellow finches at my feeder. Yay, nature!

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