Thursday, May 15

Nutrition: I ate quail eggs this morning. Adorbs!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 79% quality. In late due to W2R exuberance, but quite solid. Woke briefly at 345a but fell right back. Woke naturally, at least, no alarms.

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty good. Glutes still a bit sore, but all else is doing well. Had a superb session, some weights that felt truly HEAVY which made me very HAPPY. 

Really reconsidering the muscle-up goal. Yeah, it's a impressive party trick, all the work for it truly worth it? If I didn't have that goal, I might get to spend more time on badass raw strength...and doesn't the destination need to be worth the journey? May need some convos with Chief on this one, a better understanding for how long it will take.

Fun & Play: Great day of work. Session. Lovely visit with my dental office folks. Saw my papa to do his books. Fetch with Lexi. Cuddling with Clyde. 

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