Thursday, May 1

Nutrition: Interesting note: calories are averaging 2315 since Boston. From 1/1 to Boston, I averaged 2285, but it got that way via bigger swings. Meaning, I had more days at a medium 2000, then some super high nearly-binge-y days. It should be obvious, but the consistently high intake feels light years better. I feel like I am eating more than enough every day. Very satisfied. No restriction.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 82% quality. Solid until I started waking up: 2a, 330a, 430a, dozed from there. Was overly conscious of avoiding my left side when I started waking up, which surely didn't help. Annoyed that I couldn't sleep longer, but I need to just have my butt in bed at 9p no matter what my hubs wants to talk about.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling better than yesterday, which is rather interesting. I did three workouts yesterday, you dig, and I don't feel trashed! However, session was a bit tougher than it "should" feel, extra fatigue, but still pretty good compared to my expectations. That sure won't teach me to NOT do everything.

Fun & Play: May is here! Es mi favorito! Bring on the greeeeeeen! A 7th person in the TS walk-to-run class. A gift delivery to Brett. Session with my BUDDY! Productive afternoon. Haircut at a new place where I was recognized for being in the paper by someone with whom I found many connections, from TS to NSS, plus her being in the community walk to run group next week! New hair stylist was a delight and again many connections, though I have reservations about the cut; will wait to judge until tomorrow, though.

Temperance: I think perhaps I may have created my desire map, or at least a solid foundation:

Two keys to remember:
Strength isn't always physical.
Happiness isn't always immediate.

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