Sunday, May 25

Nutrition: Ate by feel today, tallied calories at the end only. At the high end of my appropriate range, but not far off at all. 

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, 71% quality. Up at 1a when the dogs flipped the fuck out over some creature making noise out in the CRP land. Some kind of bird, probably, but it sounded like a barking dog; maybe a sandhill crane, but not quite the normal sound. Weird and creepy. Despite that, Hank still needed out at 530a. SERIOUSLY, dude? Ugh. This is why my bedtime is 9p; I have to always assume he'll wake me up, and I won't fall back unless I'm extremely shot. Thus, also entirely my fault I was short on hours. Luckily, lack of plans meant I could nap 230-430p, so I did. 

Healthy Movement: Feeling fatigued. Gotta stop this nonsense, as Sunday is my day to Do All Teh Things! Ugh. So no powerlifting mania; instead, I did big rocks & play time. And the left shoulder was angry (and left neck tight) after the OH presses; why the fuck do I ever ignore Dustin's advice? A week ago he told me to do DB presses, as a neutral grip would be happier on the shoulder. And I did that exactly once, then came right back to the BB + shoulder-anger today. Oh yeah, I only exist to prove him right. Lower back in better shape, not nearly as tight, just a hint still there. Upper back got very stiff by the end of the day. Stood a long time at the wake (I hope it takes you 1.5 hours to get through my wake, too: sign of a life lived right), then sat next to a bonfire for a nice looong spell, occasionally getting up to relieve the back, but mostly just to MOVE. 

Fun & Play: Quiet & highly productive morning at NSS; although outside was gorgeous, I was somehow happy to be there. Great fun playing outside at a workout that included chatting with the hubs and playing with the dogs. Nap. Hoppe family time around a bonfire. 

Four ingredients of playtime: tire, set of bells, rope, and nature. Bliss!

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