Sunday, May 18

Nutrition: I got those quail eggs perfect this morning after having seen the quail egg cutter. Tasty!

Food prep supah stah: yam chili again (so good, so easy, I had to); breakfast sausage; breakfast sausage spice mix packaged up; BREAD (oh, my beloved, I could have eaten the entire loaf despite it being slightly under done).

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 1245a-715a, 71% quality. The graph looks like about 40%, what the fuck? Let the dogs out then, but crawled back into bed. Unfortunately I couldn't fall back, but I got in an hour of dozing, which helped. Got up bleary-eyed and bleah. Never put my contacts in today, poor eyes got so dried out yesterday in that fieldhouse.

Healthy Movement: I was planning to hit trails with Heidi today, but I knew that I could not, should not, plan on a long or even medium trial run. So instead I texted her about dialing it back to dog-training. She canceled on me completely, and I was so grateful. I was thinking I might get in a walk with Hanky still, but the day went by and I didn't find (or make) the time. But a rest day due to poor sleep, not injury, is fine by me. Wondering how much I'll lose my endurance after this extended deload, though. Yikes.

Fun & Play: A quiet house to myself. SUNSHINE. However, I didn't spend much time outside other than fetch and a lap around the perimeter of our acreage just to check things out (how awesome is THAT to say!). I was busy getting all my chores done inside, and actually enjoyed it with the lovely spring weather coming in through the open windows. And Holea came back to MN today. Yay to Sunday goodness!

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