Sunday, May 11

Nutrition: Surf and turf for lunch: lobster tail and prime rib. The Marthalers go big & fancy on Mother's Day!

Sleep: 9.75 (!) hours in bed, 9p-645a, 94% quality. FINALLY some good hours. I didn't even hear Hank whining to go out at 5a or whatever it was. I clearly accumulated a serious sleep debt this week; need to get back to prioritizing it above all else.

Healthy Movement: Got up with a body feeling pretty durn good. Lifting on the docket for today, but forced to shift it back to the afternoon. Right away I planned on doing OHP only, unless energy levels came back up. I was fine most of the day, did some sprinting and dog chasing at the parents', but I was rather spent when it was time to lift. So, only the big rocks. Looked longingly at my tire, but left him be.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in, finally. Chores accomplished. Family time. Planted my garden of cherry tomatoes, peas, and lettuce. Now, to keep the cats from nibbling as the wee seedlings sprout on the countertop...not easy!

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