Saturday, May 31

Nutrition: I ate 8 eggs at once. But they were wee adorable quail eggs! However, my supper was redonk: whole pizza, pint Arctic Zero, kombucha. Noms, yo. Especially because I added regular pepperoni, and I am hereby never eating turkey pepperoni again. It may be half the calories, but regular stuff is FIVE times the flavor!!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 73% quality. I would have rated it better, more like 85-90%; I know I woke up a time or two, but I never had to GET up, and I woke naturally. A nice change of pace.

Healthy Movement: As I waited for someone, ANYone to show up for the walk-to-run group, at 6:55a I seriously started plotting out a solo run route. And then three people came! It was a very nice cool rain that took us to & from City Park, and it felt so perfect that rather than go home to lift as I originally planned, I took myself right to LCSP for more fun on trails, and it was absolutely incredibly perfectly delightful. Exactly what I needed. Rather surprised it felt so easy, as my week actually got a little tougher with yesterday's hills. Hm. Better/more sleep?

Anyway, I have decided on a fantastic plan for future weekends: go to LCSP, plot out a route that's just a little farther than the prior week, and simply switch to walking whenever it feels shitty, rather than push through and finish feeling drained. I'll still get the distance, but I'll enjoy it that much more. And hopefully I'll be able to figure out the difference between good & bad days (other than, of course, 20 degrees of blazing heat). So my starting reference point is 4.15 miles. In two weeks I'll test the plan - next week I'm going to run with BK early Sunday morning to help him finish out his 24 hours. I wonder how he likes me horning my way in on his epic adventures? Well, that is what he gets for repeatedly calling my his hero or claiming that I inspired him to get back into running - I'm personally taking it upon myself to make sure he achieves his insane goals!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Running in the rain. Nature. Late breakfast. Hubs time. Brief motorcycle excursion but we encountered rain. Super lazy afternoon with the DVRS and all the critters.

Nature: I was madly in love with this morning's sounds of gentle rain and trickling water. The trail in town (to City Park) was gorgeous, and then LCSP was SO FUCKING VERDANT. I wish I had brought my phone for pictures, but it was raining too much when I started. Phenomenal. So wonderful for my hippie brain.

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