Saturday, May 3

Nutrition: Two breakfasts, everything else was tasty road-trip shortcuts: jerky, Larabars, apple, mixed nuts.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 82% quality. Why on earth don't I go to bed on time anymore? 

Healthy Movement: Body feels fantastic. 9m trail run with Greg was a total delight. Saw two deer early on, talked all things running & runners, enjoyed some puddle-jumping and wet feet. Felt easy for the first hour, started leaning toward medium for the last half hour, but I could have reached two hours still feeling decent. We had two little walk breaks across the bouncy boardwalks, couple pauses for pictures, and we walked the tail end of only one hill. Solid! In Cambridge, logged a nice long walk with Amy on the park trails, on a sunny spring afternoon. Felt extremely crunched-over after four total hours in the car, despite a focus on good posture and seat adjustment. I was super happy to break at the parents and be able to stretch out flat on the floor. 

Fun & Play: Trails with Greg. Deer! Feeling great despite nine solid miles. A fun day with my beloved Amy. I miss that girl so much. Quick visit with the parents to get RFL garage sale items. Just a fun fun day.

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