Saturday, May 24

Nutrition: Again a lot of calories, thanks to the draining run. Meh, it happens.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 81% quality. Solid until 4a. Post-post-run-shower, was quite sleepy. Tried to just veg in the hammock with a podcast & absorb some sun, but eventually I gave up and went to bed for a legit 2-hour nap. Got up still feeling drained; ate a pint of AZ and the world became bright again.

Healthy Movement: Body felt excellent at walk-to-run outing, and I ran faster while chatting with Brett. Then I joined Shawn on the LCSP trails for 9.5 miles. IT bands were getting a little angry by the end, but really only after walk breaks, and they would loosen up as I resumed running. Still, a bit concerning given how short & easy this outing was (relatively, compared to a 50k on the SHT), and how Dustin thought the Prowler work would make a big difference. I think the slow pace in the group outings is working against me, big time. Feet surprisingly swollen and tender the rest of the day, and I felt drained. A dramatic difference from how fantastic I felt after SJU with Greg. Hm.

Fun & Play: Walk to run group. TRAILZ. Hammock in the sun. The entire household napping. Quick bill paying. Lack of plans. Cat snuggles.

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