Saturday, May 17

Nutrition: Eating Paleo forces you to learn rather quickly that you MUST plan your food, so I had a big ol' backpack o' grub with me at the powerlifting meet: Larabars, bananas, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, pork jerky, and a bottle for water refills. I found coffee and an apple, otherwise that was my intake for the day, until another Subway salad for supper as we left Duluth. And holy shit am I getting sick of Larabars!

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, 77% quality. In a hotel bed, wrong everything, but ear plugs helped. Dozing lightly 4a onward, but got up feeling semi-okay, mostly adrenaline for the day ahead. Got VERY tired as the long day wore on, was nearly falling asleep in the car on the ride home, when I never feel sleepy in a car.

Healthy Movement: Ugh, so much sitting. Tried to stand as much as I could, but as energy level sank, I sat a lot more, and with awful posture. I did a few weighted pull-ups with that food-filled backpack & hit 5, which felt especially impressive given how strict they were. Around 5p or so, I went outside for a walk, just to get some sunlight and air and to goddamn MOVE after being inside the fieldhouse for 10 hours. It felt wonderful! I started walking up toward the top of the hill (we were at St Scholastica) where I found a nice view of Lake Superior, then a cemetery, then a TRAIL! It was so lovely that I couldn't help running it, in jeans & tee & normal bra and everything. It was short but it felt so fantastic to move; I went back into the fieldhouse feeling like a new person! Lasted me the remainder of the meet, I was willing to stay to see Steve get his medal, but Dustin (my ride) wanted out as soon as Steve was done lifting, although it was probably 10 more minutes (he drove up AND BACK the same day, ugh). I spent a total of 13.5 hours there, jeebus aitch. On the drive home, I got very tight in the upper back, very uncomfortable and fidgety, and when we stopped for gas in St Cloud, I was almost out of the car before Dustin had it stopped. LET. ME. MOVE!!

Fun & Play: The powerlifting meet was GREAT  fun, but I don't think I could do all day like that again, not without staying overnight the second night, too. Grateful I was not driving myself back, would have been rather dangerous.

Anyway it was fun helping Mary with her warm-ups & brain-state, but it was vital to have Dustin there to keep her confident on the lift attempts. She is strong as a tank and she's still so new, I can't freaking STAND IT. I desperately hope that her family GETS IT and supports this endeavor. I love to infinity that her daughter wanted to & was able to come, and I hope that motivation sticks. She could be a fucking super star in this sport.

She could be the next Steve, who smashed it all to pieces, what an insanely-strong dude. It's funny to think how unimpressed we all were with his numbers once he finished, despite him setting THREE state records; we just knew he'd do it. I feel guilty actually that we didn't spaz the fuck out for him, but by that point in the day we were all completely wiped, including him - which makes his feats even more impressive!

It was incredible to spectate all the meatheads, extra neat seeing the Special Olympics lifters (I didn't even know that was a thing; it was wonderful) and uber-fun hanging & chatting with the NSS support crew.

However, the meet made me feel like a weak little kitten, or a pathetic RUNNER. I actually told Erin I was looking forward to winter so I could focus on lifting again. Did I really just realize I have a reason to enjoy winter again? Hooray!

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