Saturday, May 10

Nutrition: Gone from home 630a-4p, then supper at the MIL's house. At least there was a right proper meal, but in between it was jerky & Larabars & the last of my protein cookies. Very much wanted NORMAL FOOD and NO MORE LARABARS by supper time.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, 82% quality. In late like an idiot, had to get up early enough for the run group. Got up tired and groggy. Very sleepy around 3p but no nap. So tired by bed time, 9pm felt like it was surely more like midnight.

Healthy Movement: Led 11 rock stars at the 7am walk-to-run group, which felt amazing, especially in the perfect running weather. Then worked at the RFL garage sale until 2 or 3, which was surprisingly draining. I mean, I could have gone straight to bed and logged two solid hours. However, I was committed to spending time at LCSP, and inspired by the ROUSers who had ROCKED THE FACE OFF their Saturdays. I started running, but quickly realized the body was Not. Interested. Legs were fine to the point of going too fast actually, but the rest of my systems were very much NOT fine. I dialed the effort back significantly, but it was clear I shouldn't be doing anything at all. So I just soaked up the BEING IN NATURE. Listened to the babbling water. Took pictures of spring growth. Admired the sparkling lake surface, which was still iced over the last time I saw it. Ah, SPRING, how I love you so! Would have extended it into a nice long walk, but was headed to laziness at the MIL's with the family. Lot of baby-holding, being very conscious of not cranking up my low back to balance her weight - I don't know how every single mother isn't completely jacked up, honestly.

Fun & Play: Running group. Working the garage sale. ROUSers smashing their goals. Nature. Sunshiney spring days. Family. All good.

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