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Please Stop Saying “Everything in Moderation”
“Everything in Moderation .”

This is perhaps the most famous piece of diet advice ever given—everything in moderation. Depriving yourself leads to willpower depletion and the dreaded “rebound effect.” Unhealthy foods are only unhealthy if you eat them in excess. Balance is key. Therefore, you can (and should) eat anything you want… as long as you eat it in moderation.

The problem is, moderation works for very few people. You know this to be true. You’ve tried it countless times. (And if it actually worked for you long-term, you wouldn’t need any more diet advice, would you?)
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I think this is the exact thing that everyone is forgetting: moderation is great advice for the select few who probably aren't looking for advice to start with. For the rest of us, those who actually need help (oh, hai), it just absolutely positively doesn't work. You might as well ask us whether red is heavier than skipping, because it's the same blank dumbfounded reaction.

One personal example: it doesn't work to say I can have one bottle of Diet Cherry Pepsi per week, because within weeks, it turns into one per day, maybe more, every single time. But now that I haven't had a single one in months and months, I don't even debate whether or not I want one. I don't drink it, period, moving on.

Now, that's not to say that we extremers will never get to a point of healthy food relationships and discover this magical ability to moderate through the gray, to occasionally indulge in the crap and then move easily back to healthy choices, but I have personally learned that (1) the journey there is a fuck-ton easier when the rules are black and white, and there simply isn't any deplete-able willpower involved; and (2) it's a loooooong motherfucking journey, so we should take the easiest paths whenever we can.

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