Monday, May 5

Nutrition: Three workouts today, even if two are easy peasy, means eating plenty of food. I love it!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 75% quality. Woke a LOT, don't know why. Still, I got up feeling pretty rested, as I was able to wake on my own & slowly accept the day. Tired around 4p though.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling great. Did class and LOVED it, of course.

Day 1 of the walk-to-run groups! The TS outing was tough on me because I was fighting with RunMeter (love it for data-tracking, turns out I hate it for intervals, prefer to have a constant view of where we are in the interval) and also we were slow enough to bother me a bit. Only 3 folks, which made it tough to find the proper pace. Can't run too slow & anger my IT bands, but can't run too fast & leave them dejected & in the dust.

We had FORTY people at the evening group! I seriously couldn't be more thrilled! So excited. If even half of them stick with it, that's an amazing turnout. Excellent having both Brett & Mike there, and they did a great job speaking at the start, chatting during the run, and wrapping it all up. Again it was tough to run so much slower than my natural pace, but afterward I wanted to KEEP ON RUNNING, had this immense desire inside to keep on going and going. Unfortunately I had to fetch groceries & hit a meeting, but in the future I may do just that.

Fun & Play: Class. Short but nice chat with Timmy, feeling like I haven't seen her in forever. Productive afternoon. Two delightful walk-to-run groups that made my heart grow about 18 sizes. Fun Relay For Life meeting.

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