Monday, May 19

Nutrition: ZOMG I'm eating BREAD. It's rather yeast-y tasting, but I could NOT care less. It's soft & chewy in the innards and hard & crusty on the outards, and it's like goddamn normal bread and I'm so very happy! I treated it like dessert today. At every meal, oops.
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 82% quality. Sounds about right; felt like I woke a lot, and was steadily in/out 3a onward.
Healthy Movement: As I got out of bed this morning, had a shock of pain in my right foot - gone within two steps, but what the fuck was that?! Didn't notice it throughout the rest of the day, so hopefully just a one-time weirdness. Had a great time doing class. Vacations canceled the noon W2R outing, so I went on my own outing, a utility run to NSS. Felt great to run my own pace & then to push a little harder on the return, too. Lovely evening walk to run group, ran at various paces to give others an idea of their pace; body was happy with it all, though I could feel some fatigue toward the end. 
Fun & Play: Super fun class. Meet talk with Mary. Lovely run. Bonus 5 minutes at NSS. Meet talk with my Buddy. Stupid bank finding their stupid $100 error and redeeming ME not having made any errors. Fabulous work meeting where we may have come up with a solution that saves 8 boring, tedious, and unnecessary hours of work per month. Fun walk to run outing. Prouductive LAE meeting.

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