Monday, May 12

Nutrition: Solid. Food prep this weekend included a half-assed chili: ground beef, 1.5 tiny cans tomato paste w/ Italian spices, & cubed yams. Pretty delicious, and especially welcome on a crappy weather day.
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 83% quality. Pretty solid, but could've used more.
Healthy Movement: Got up with body feeling good. Did class, which was tough & sweaty. Felt some anger in outside left ankle on finishing lunges...and felt it a couple times afterward if I twisted weirdly. Focused on slow steady movements. Forward motion didn't bother it on the noon walk to run outing, which didn't seem to bother my IT bands either, yay! Wore compression socks after that run. Had rather sore glutes by eve, thanks class! Evening walk to run was the same: ankle mostly okay, nothing from IT bands. Iced ankle while eating supper.
Fun & Play: Class. 15 walk to runners thumbing their collective noses at Ma Nature.

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