Friday, May 9

Nutrition: Coming around on these protein cookies after all. Maybe I just undercooked them.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 77% quality. Sleep graph is not pretty; in late due to hubs, up early due to Hank. I had my alarm set for 7a, hoping like mad that I would get to sleep in. Got up feeling okay, but a little tired and have lost the happy happy joy joy energy of yesterday.

Healthy Movement: Upper back is a bit stiff, and I really am feeling some knee/IT band achiness, both sides. How do I slow down without causing this problem? Went down to the locker room for the noon outing feeling a little MEH and that I'd totally be taking a rest day if not for them, but then I got outside with them and came around completely. Felt easy and fun! Loved that boost.

Fun & Play: Friday. Class. NSS afternoon. Supper with the hubs. TV laziness.

Personal Growth: As TS's outlook continues to look, well, I don’t want to say grim, exactly, but it’s certainly not as bright as we’d all like it to be, I've become more conscious of the possibility of needing to find a new job (yuck), or else (GULP) venturing out on my own. Not truly concerned, or anything, but it's in my head at least, and that makes me wonder if I need to be more professional on this site. It’s certainly not much of a blog and a lot more of a journal, but the link is out & about, and anyone can read it, including potential employers searching for signs of professionalism. And as I've also added FB friends and set up a group for our walk-to-runners, it's occurred to me that these peeps might click around on my info and make their way over to this blog. For all these reasons, perhaps I should temper the sort of things I post here. You know, reduce the obsessive obsessions and constant swearing and 99% openness.

But you know what?

Fuck that.

I'm still beyond tired of the pretense, the scrubbed images, the way we only show the highlights of our lives to others. I'm all about being real and genuine and authentic, and I honestly think that's the main reason people like me - in addition to the fact that I'm not an asshole, of course.

I'm going to continue sharing the lowlights and the depressions in addition to my child-like delight & passionate big heart. I'm me, and I'm never going to NOT be me, and you're going to see it all here, for better or for worse. I refuse to create some perfect air-brushed image that isn't me.

However, I am considering how I could morph from using this as a daily journal to truly creating helpful posts for others. Once you get past my obsessive metrics, my ramblings & brain dumps sometimes can be beneficial for others to read. Yet this is such a handy place for me to track my data, which I still love, and the required daily-ness of it provide a convenient outlet for me to brain-vomit at whim. Have to mull that over some.

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