Friday, May 30

Nutrition: Despite 4 Larabars in one day, today's calories were actually on the low end, surprisingly.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 74% quality. Wide awake at 1a, and after tossing & turning for too long, I got up to let out a restless Lexi, eat a Larabar, drink some water, hit the bathroom. Still took a while to fall back. Felt like I woke often the rest of the night. Ugh.

Healthy Movement: Still sore and stiff and achey, but a little better. Can feel yesterday's waiter carries in the upper back, love that of course. Noon walk to run was delightful despite the heat, because two of my three are feeling pumped for the 5k - awesome!! Followed it up with half-hill repeats with Holea that somehow felt easy-peasy, woot! Energy levels dropped quite a bit after that, though...didn't even have brain power to tackle a new spreadsheet at NSS, and relocating my own ass from the kitchen table to the couch seemed like a lot of work.

Fun & Play: Treats to & a chat with my Buddy first thing in the morning. Two of my three nooners are signing up for the 5k. Hill time with Holea. Laziness with the pooches & cuddly kitties during a quiet night at home.

Temperance: Today I worked a bit on NSS's NCP spreadsheet, which included my own body comp results (from 1.5 years to 1 year ago), which were ugly...nothing but increased weight & inches. Not huge, like 4 or 5 lbs over 6 months or whatever, and certainly I already knew I had gained weight then, but it was Not Fun to see the cold hard numbers. It made me sad to think about all the energy & brain power I wasted during those 6 months, and frustrated to remember how depressed I got before Boston that year...& again this year, and all of that. Ugh ugh ugh. And yet, I couldn't just let it go and get over it, despite the fact that it's old, old news. Sad-making. Not feeling so good about myself today.

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