Friday, May 16

Nutrition: Some shortcuts today, but managed a fairly decent Subway salad for supper (at what is normally my bedtime).

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 930p-615a, 98% quality. Definitely not that good; I got up at 445a to let out a whining Hanky but managed to fall back a little bit longer, though mostly dozing 545a onward as my alarm tried waking me. Yuck.

Healthy Movement: Before the walk to run outing, I squeezed in an OHP session, with DBs, per Dustin & his happy-shoulder recommendation. Walk to run had only one attendee, but it was much fun! Wore compression socks in afternoon. Sat allllll daaaaaay. Gross. 

Fun & Play: TS PTO. Much of the day at NSS. Vet adventures with my babies. Walk to running. Excitement of traveling to Duluth for the powerlifting meet!

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